21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop Spring 2015 edition


You can find my Art Your Way Through workshop as part of the Spring 2015 Edition of 21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop.

“There is something incredibly inviting about a blank journal. The pages call to me, almost begging for a little colour and attention. Without a doubt, art journaling is my favourite creative outlet. Nothing makes me happier than to throw down some colour, scribble across my page, or indulge in some old fashioned cut and paste. What really draws me in though, is more than the creative opportunities. My journal is my emotional outlet, my therapist couch, my closest friend. Whatever my personal situation – good, bad, or ugly – my journal is a safe place to work through it all. It is an invaluable source of comfort, a place to truly spill my soul, and I want your journals to be the same for you. Join me as I share my tips on making your journal more than just a place for pretty painted pictures.”



I am busily working on bringing some fun new content to the blog, including a free art journal class. So be sure to check back soon!

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