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Finding Joy with Dina

Late last year, I was fortunate enough to attend another class with the UH-mazing Dina Wakley, at Artfied. This class was titled Finding Joy in Abstract and let me tell you, it was a joy to attend. Dina has a great sense of humour and relaxed style, making it feel less like a class, and more like an art date with a friend.


There was lots of messy mark making, smears of colour, and an abundance of information.

Watching Dina as she worked on her class samples was fascinating, and the results were fabulous. Super excited to have been able to take one home with me! Not only that ,but Miss Dina was nice enough to paint one of her signature ladies in my journal – a true treasure!

And of course, I have to share a peek at the finished pieces. Everyone had a great time, and it was fun to see such different results.



Have you attended any classes lately? I am always eager to learn, so I would love to hear about your experiences.

Don’t forget, if you are local to the Rowville VIC area, I am teaching two classes at Artified myself. Why not join me for some artsy fun?

Happy arting!



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