Art Journal

Pages in Stages

While I love making pretty art journal pages, purely for the sake of creating, I also love working in my junque journal. While my more traditional art journal pages are usually completed in one sitting, JJ pages are built in stages, over a number of days. My junque journal is my diary, catching my thoughts, feelings, and dreams. As a result, it changes as the days pass. I thought I would share a peek at the stages of a recent page.


As you can see, layers are built, areas embellished, and journaling added, until the page feels complete. I love this form of creating and diary keeping. My junque journal is my therapist, my safe place, and a great friend. I hope you are lucky enough to have such a wonderful outlet!

Happy arting!



2 thoughts on “Pages in Stages

  1. No kidding, I adore my art journal and it is my heart and soul! Lovely page, love seeing the stages, encourages me as I can get hung up on how it looks almost missing the point! Thanks for sharing, glad your back!

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