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Tiny little details

I recently shared a video showing a bit of detail work in my art journal. I had quite a few people ask me about the tool I was using, so I wanted to pop on over and share some info.

Tiny little details make me happy. Therapeutic, relaxing, and just plain fun

A video posted by Melita (@melitabloomer) on May 28, 2016 at 8:45pm PDT


I used a FineLine Applicator – my favourite detail toy. It is a small refillable bottle with a needle tip, allowing you to create fun detail in your work. The best thing though? This bottle will.not.clog. As you can see in the picture below, the lid contains a fine needle that is inserted into the applicator tip when replacing the lid. This pushes all the paint/ink back into the bottle, leaving nothing behind to dry up and clog the tip. Genius!


Take a peek at the finished journal page where I went wild for teeny dots!


I hope you will give this little beauty a try. Its so much fun, but dont stop at dots – the possibilities are endless. In fact I think Ill go play with mine now!

Happy arting!


3 thoughts on “Tiny little details

  1. So is the applicator empty and you can fill it with any (I assume more liquid) acrylic you wish to use or is it filled with some propriety paint? I’m interested because I love using wee dots in my art.

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