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Shabby Fabric Journal Video


A few years ago, I started making this shabby fabric art journal, and now it is finally finished! It’s been tucked away in a basket, just waiting to be bound & loved. I still have no idea what project I will use it for, but it sure is making me happy regardless. Check out this fun little video I created.

It’s a quick vid, so I thought I would share a couple of my favourite pages here too.


The pages are made by piecing together a bunch of fun ephemera, scrapbook papers, serviettes, and vintage papers. I added in a few pockets and tags, and the end result is pretty fab, if I do say so myself hehehe


I love the messy stitching and ragged edges, and cannot wait to put it to good use!

Have you recently finished any long overdue projects? They do tend to pile up, don’t they?

Happy arting!



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