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Art Journal Basics & Beyond – More Colour!


After quite a hiatus, I am back with another Art Journal Basics & Beyond post, and it is all about colour! We have already covered, paints, and inks, but there are a couple more options that I love to work with.

Melita Bloomer - AJBB - Colour7

Oil Pastels – Faber Castell Gelatos – Necolour II Water-soluble Crayons

I love using all of these colour options!They are quick and simple ways of adding an extra pop of colour, as well as for entire backgrounds. However, I generally use them only as accents on my pages. All three offer blendable colour, which can be a bit tricky to write over, so I prefer them as my last layer, after my journaling is completed.

I’ve got a simple comparison pic for you, showing the difference between using these options as is, or blending them. These were done on hot press watercolour paper.

Melita Bloomer - AJBB - Colour7a

Faber Castell Gelatos have a creamy consistency, and give a wonderful watercolour effect when blended. I particularly love the cute lip balm style dispenser! And just a tip – the Gel Sticks & Gelatos are the same product, just different packaging & pricing.

Caran Dache Necolour II are to die for. They can be used as fun crayons, but are also water soluble, so when blended, give a great watercolour effect.

I am a big fan of oil pastels, for great blended backgrounds or fun pops of colour. I have no real preference when it comes to brands, but the Portfolio series is particularly good.

I hope you have fun playing around with these goodies, and I look forward to seeing your creations.

Happy arting!

Melita xo



3 thoughts on “Art Journal Basics & Beyond – More Colour!

  1. I love Neocolors but I cannot seem to get along with gelatos. They don’t seem to do for me what they do for others. Clearly I am doing something wrong with them. I keep coming back to them so maybe one day I will crack their mystery.

    1. You sure can! I got mine from Kazmo Kreations, and I believe they’re also available at Blue Bazaar. Or you can pop in to your local Big W for gelatos. Have fun!

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