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Art Journaling Basics & Beyond: Paint


Time for another Art Journaling Basics & Beyond post. This week I am excited to be talking about colour! There are so many options out there, but I am focusing on what I prefer for art journaling, so you wont see mention of oil paints and such today.

My go to for art journal colour is, without a doubt, acrylic paints. They are readily available, affordable, and fast drying, which helps reduce the chances of journal pages sticking together

Melita Bloomer - AJBB - Colour1

These Decoart Crafters Acrylics are my go to paints. There is a huge range of colours available, and at tiny prices, so I can be lazy and buy them all instead of having to mix my own lol They’re basic craft paints, nothing fancy, but for art journaling, they are great.

I also love the Studio Paints by Claudine Hellmuth – they are creamy little pots of fun. The line has been discontinued, but you will still find plenty around on Amazon, EBay etc..

Melita Bloomer - AJBB - Colour3

The top row here are Golden Fluid Acrylics. Most artists absolutely love these paints, especially for canvas work as opposed to journaling. To be honest, I haven’t used mine much, aside from the black lol I think I’m just a bit too precious about them since they are quite pricey. That said though, you definitely get what you pay for – they are so richly pigmented that a little goes a very long way. Well worth a splurge now and then!

Next we have Liquitex Basics. I bought a bunch of these on clearance at my local craft store, excited to play with them as I have seen many of my favourite artists use them. I have to say though, they’re not rocking my world. They’re fairly transparent, which I wasn’t expecting, and tend to avoid. You can work with that though, by adding a little gesso to the paint as you work. However, my biggest problem with these paints is the packaging design. The tubes leak and overflow all.the.time. It drives me absolutely batty!

Melita Bloomer - AJBB - Colour2

Ok, so here is where I contradict myself. In general, I would say to never ever EVER use heavy body paints in your journal. It is the fastest way to make your pages tacky and therefore stick to each other. I hate opening my journal and hearing that sticky sound of pages separating and ripping. The Dimension paints from Monte Marte above are a prime example of the paints to avoid. However, there is a fun new range available from Dina Wakley Mixed Media range that I love. Her paints provide lovely colour without that stickiness from traditional heavy body paints.

And of course, there are inks. Lots and lots of yummy inks to brighten up your art work….so come back next week & I will tell you all about my favourites! As with all of my AJBB posts, please keep in mind that this is all purely my opinions, my findings after playing with many many different options.

Before you go, don’t forget to check out the 21 Secrets Spring 2015 Workshop. I am THRILLED to be part of the teaching team and would love for you to join us!


Until next time, happy arting!




4 thoughts on “Art Journaling Basics & Beyond: Paint

    1. I’n so glad you’re finding it helpful – that makes my day! I was a bit lost when I started and would have loved an honest resource like this, so I’m very happy to have helped you :)

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