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Art Journal Basics & Beyond–Mediums


I’m back with another Art Journaling Basics & Beyond post, and this week I’m focussing on mediums.

Now, I have to say, there is a plethora of mediums on the market to enhance your art journaling and mixed media projects, but this week we are focusing on the basics, and will go beyond that a little further down the line.  So, lets take a look at the products I use on a regular basis.


Gesso: My favourite gesso is Liquitex, the one with the blue label. I buy it in huge bottles, and decant it to a smaller one to make life easier. Its available in many colours, but the most commonly used is white, and I love the black option too. For those not sure what gesso is, its a surface preparation medium. You coat your surface (paper, canvas etc.) before painting, and it gives a great base to work on. Your paint will not only go on smoother, it will also spread further, meaning you use less paint. Its also great paint substitute, and awesome for cover ups!

Matte Medium: Not gonna lie, this stuff rocks my world. Seriously. I use Liquitex Matte Medium as a glue, a paint extender, to mattify (is that a word??) glossy surfaces, to extend acrylic paints, as a fixative over chalks & pastels, and as a finish/sealer over my finished pieces, to reduce gloss. I absolutely love this stuff and even request it for birthday presents lol

Gel Medium: I use just about any gel medium, haven’t found much difference between brands, but I have the Liquitex Matte Gel Medium pictured here. Primarily, I use gel mediums as a glue when adhering thicker items, be it onto a journal spread or canvas, and also use it to extend my paints when needed. It is also great for image transfers!

Modelling Paste: Again, there are many brands & types, but I prefer the Flexible Modelling Paste by Liquitex. It is great for adding texture and dimension to your pages. You can go freestyle with it, scraping or painting it on randomly, or you can apply it through stencils for a fab result. It does need extra drying time, so be sure to allow for that.

Other handy adhesives:
Ranger Glossy Accents: A seriously cool product. It makes a fantastic glue, adhering paper layers in seconds! It is also really fun to add a little extra dimension – trace it over a stamped image, text etc. and it will dry glossy and slightly raised.
Helmar Quickdry 450: Like the name says, this stuff dries fast, and holds well. It has a strong odour, but open a window and you will be fine.
Sakura Quickie Glue Pen: These is the same size and weight as a regular ball point, but has glue instead of ink. Really handing for sticking down tricky die cuts and such, and a great tool for on the go crafting.
Americana decoupage: A common product, though I must admit I don’t use it as much now that I have discovered matte medium. It is an affordable option, and readily available. It does leave a bit of a sheen, even the matte version, but if a little gloss doesn’t other you, then this is a great option.
Last but not least: A simple glue stick and double sided tape. I have no brand preference at all, i just use whatever I can get my hands on lol  I use the glue stick for just about everything, but keep the tape for layers that won’t have wet layers on top, as it can effect the strength of the hold.

Lots of info for you again today, and I hope it can shed a little light for you. Join me next week as we get down to the fun stuff – colour!

Until then, happy arting!




2 thoughts on “Art Journal Basics & Beyond–Mediums

  1. I totally went through the clearance aisle at Michaels today and picked up some Liquitex Blended Fibers to try out and am in LOVE!!! So much fun!!! You should totally try it! I love the texture.

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