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Art Journal Basics & Beyond: Choosing the Right Journal


Hello lovelies! I’m back with the next instalment of my newest blog feature – Art Journal Basics & Beyond. This week we are taking a look at just a few of the many types of journals on the market.

Melita Bloomer - AJBB - Journals

Choosing an art journal is purely a matter of personal preference,  but I’m going to walk you through the options I’ve tried, and share my thoughts.

Melita Bloomer - AJBB - Journals5

My absolute favourite journals, are handmade. These two here are my Junque Journal & a watercolour journal made for me by my bff. There are some fabulous classes & tutorials out there for creating your own, but I highly recommend Sea Lemon on YouTube for awesome DIY book binding videos and Julie Fei-Fan Balzers Junque Journal class (check out this vid for a peek inside my Junque Journal).

Melita Bloomer - AJBB - Journals1

Coming in a close second, these Dylusions journals are UH-mazing. They come with a plain kraft cover, an envelope inside, and an elastic closure. The pages are a mix of manila & white cardstock, and really hold up well to lots of layers of painty goodness.

Melita Bloomer - AJBB - Journals3

Moleskines are a popular choice of journal for artists of all types, and as long as you choose the right option for you, you cant really go wrong. For mixed media style journaling, be sure to choose the Sketchbook or Watercolour options as they have the strongest pages that can hold up to lots of layers and wet mediums.

Melita Bloomer - AJBB - Journals2

Spiral notebooks are another great option. They are incredibly cost effective, and very easy to find, making them a great starter journal. However, they’re not my favourites. They papers are often quite thin, though you can work around that by gluing two together. What deterred me is the spiral binding – it creates such a visual break down the centre of the pages that it makes it difficult, for me anyway, to unite a double page spread.

Melita Bloomer - AJBB - Journals4

Lastly, I’m quite fond of hard cover books. The top journal here is one I picked up from my local art store, and it has quite thick pages, which I love. The Jane Austen book is simply a hard cover book picked up from a thrift store. The pages are fairly thin, so it is necessary to adhere two pages together. Books like this are great fun as the images and text within create great interest in for an art journal background.

So there you have it, just a tiny slice of the journal options out there. As I said earlier, it is purely a personal preference, so you will need to take the time to consider your art style, your budget, and of course availability.

I would love to hear what type of journal you prefer, and why, so be sure to drop me a line.

Happy arting!




2 thoughts on “Art Journal Basics & Beyond: Choosing the Right Journal

  1. Of the ones I’ve tried, my fave are the Dylusions… but I’ve really enjoyed using mixed media paper as tip ins for my Moleskine planner… so now I’m thinking I should make my own with the mixed media paper :) will have to check out those links!!!

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