Melbourne Art Fair


This past August, I was able to attend the Melbourne Art Fair, held at the gorgeous Royal Exhibition Building. It was my first time attending something like this, and while excited, I must admit I was a little unsure as to what the experience would bring. Overall, I loved it. There were some exhibits that certainly weren’t to my taste, but that’s the beauty of art – the immense variety of styles, mediums, and of course the people involved in the art community. It was amazing, and if you get a chance to attend something similar, I highly recommend it!

Today I thought I would share some of my favourite pieces from the day. Starting with the building itself, and the gorgeous mermaid fountain outside – beautiful!

Melita Bloomer - Art Fair1 Melita Bloomer - Art Fair2

There were so many pieces that literally took my breath away, but here is just a small sampling.








Such a tiny peek at the amazing work I saw. Loved every minute of it and cannot wait to go again.

Happy arting!

Melita x


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