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A Look At My Finished Junque Journal

I’m so excited to share a little video with you today, showing my finished Junque Journal! Julies class has been so much fun, and I doubt I’ll ever buy another boring old journal again!

My voice sounds weird to me, and the vid is upside down but hey, you still get a peek into my world, imperfect as it is lol


And here is a better look at the covers, and my favourite endpaper – the huge crab!

Melita Bloomer - Junque Journal1

Melita Bloomer - Junque Journal2

Melita Bloomer - Junque Journal3

Melita Bloomer - Junque Journal4

Now to wait for the second part of the class – 30 Days in your Junque Journal. I’m just a bit excited lol

Have you taken a fun class lately? Tell me all about it!

Happy arting!



8 thoughts on “A Look At My Finished Junque Journal

  1. I think hearing your recorded voice always sounds weird. I know I hate making greeting and such becuase I always think I sound horrible. Though I’ll admit having a thing for accents, so your accent was fab for me :P Love all the deli prints and underpaper. Good to see I’m not the only one :)

  2. Love, love, love your journal! Super thrilled to see that big ole crab….and hear my name! Woohoo! I’m feeling inspired…..I have lots of miscellaneous tidbits, failed projects, and magazine pages I just couldn’t toss in the bin!

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