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An Art Journal Challenge with Karen

I’m lucky enough to be able to have regular art dates with friends, and this past Friday that friend was Karen of Art Takes Flight. We catch up at least once, most weeks, and its always a great time!

Melita Bloomer - Karen Art2

We decided to give ourselves a little challenge this time round – both completing an art journal page using the same prompts. It was fun, and definitely a challenge, but I love the results!

First, we set up a little wall between us, so that we wouldn’t be influenced by what the other was doing, and then we got to it, taking turns to throw a prompt into the mix.

Melita Bloomer - Karen Art

The prompts were:

Karen – Colours – pink, yellow, orange
Melita – black stencilling
K – Collage
M – Add at least one circle
K – White paint
M – Rubons
K – Add another colour
M – Use a stamp
K – Tweak a previous step
M – Add handwriting
K – Washi tape
M – Focal point

And here are the results! Some parts were so very different,whilst we clear had the same ideas at some points (the circles and hidden writing lol)

My page:

Melita Bloomer - Stronger

Melita Bloomer - Stronger2

Melita Bloomer - Stronger

Karen’s creation:

Karen Searle - Keep Going

Do you have art dates? Or challenges amongst your friends? I would love to hear about them!

Happy arting!



11 thoughts on “An Art Journal Challenge with Karen

  1. Great stuff! I don’t really have any arty friends nearby, but I love how both of your spreads came out. I’d love to know what you used for the numbers and letter/number strips!

  2. Hey there Melita! I actually just recently had an art date. :) It is great that we can encourage our artsy friends whether online or in person!

  3. I love that you have an art play date with your friend Karen every week. Makes for some good fun times. My friend does not live locally but didn’t let that stop us. We’ve play together on Skype practically every week this whole year spending as much as 4+ hours working on our own stuff but still doing art. It has been one of the best things we’ve done as friends and artists. Because of commitments on both our ends we won’t be skype for at least 4weeks coming up and are so bummed that we think we’ll go thru withdrawal symptoms. Ha! Btw… the prompt idea and not showing anything till done.

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