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An Art Date With Nat

A week ago, I was lucky enough to have an art date with my good friend Nathalie of eNKay Design. It had been almost a year since we last got together, so it was well overdue! We had a great time creating, comparing supplies, and swapping art filled bundles of goodness.

First, she spoilt me with a beautiful bunch of flowers, which I’m pretty sure were from her own garden. Stunning!

Melita Bloomer - Art Date

And then, this UH-MAZING art package. I am floored, and incredibly blessed, to have received so much, not just in volume, but in obvious thought and time. If you are reading this Nat, thank you again, so very very much.

Melita Bloomer - Art Date

Melita Bloomer - Art Date

Nat even taught me the basics of stamp carving. I’m pretty sure I will never quite master it, but it sure was fun trying lol

Melita Bloomer - Art Date

After all the oohing and aahing, and lots of enabling, we even found time to create! I use some deli paper gelli prints and doilies from Nat, to create this page below. It is the first in the lovely new journal she gave me, and I love it. The colour, the texture, and that my journal has a piece of my friend inside.

Melita Bloomer - Art Date

Melita Bloomer - Art Date

Melita Bloomer - Art Date

Do you have friends you get together and art with, or maybe even swap bits and pieces? If not, I highly recommend it! So much fun to spend a day with someone who truly understands your passions.

Happy arting!



6 thoughts on “An Art Date With Nat

    1. Hi Kathleen! No, this isn’t the same Nat as Julie’s friend, but ‘my’ Nat is just as awesome hehehe And yes, you definitely need to make art dates happen, it’s so much fun!

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