On My Desk

On My Desk

I love getting a little peek into peoples creative spaces, so I thought I would share a quick peek at what’s on my desk this week. I should warn you though, its not pretty!


It is a total shambles today! Lots of supplies scattered all over, tripod, messy under papers, paints and brushes galore, and a half done art journal spread. Its days like these that I am especially grateful for a dedicated art space that I can close the door to at the end of the day, hiding the mess away.

What’s on your work desk this week?

Happy arting!

Melita xo


7 thoughts on “On My Desk

  1. Such fun on your desk! Love how your journal pages are coming along. Great color combo! I also love having my own space with a door. Winnie #45

  2. Love your pages! On mine? A canvas just painted over (layers, lots of layers) – work in progress. Lots of photos finally printed for the year and ready to put in Project Life sleeves. Oh and a bunch of encouragement/truth cards for my teenager when she goes back to school.

  3. I don’t think it’s an un-pretty sight at all! like the floral stencil very much, your pages are lovely. So tell me…what does the punch make? ooh rather, what do you use the bits for…or rather…what?!!

    1. Hi Julia! It’s a McGill punch, and it makes great little tabs that I like to use as journaling strips, or to create fun texture on my page, before I add gesso and paint

  4. I don’t mind how messy your desk might be (to your perspective, not mine) because the critical thing is that you have a desk that allows you to create in your own time. I have to create art spaces around the house wherever there is a free space and all of my art stuff is squirrelled away in various cupboards and drawers. It makes it difficult to have long-term projects on the go. Some day I am going to have my own designated and unshared art space.

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