Friday Five: Goals for 2014

Melita Bloomer - Friday Five

I’ve decided to start a totally frivolous weekly post called the Friday Five. Put simply – each week I’ll pick a random subject and share five things about it with you. It might be art related, music, books, or even just five things that made me laugh this week. So what do you think, want a little insight into this crazy beautiful life of mine?

With the new year upon us, it seems only fitting to include five of my goals for the coming year. So here are five art related goals of mine for this year.

1. I want to practice daily art.

2. More artful videos to share :)

3. I’d love to meet up with more like minded people, especially for art filled afternoons!

4. I’d love to sell a piece of my artwork. I’m a fan of big dreams :)

5. In an ideal world, I would LOVE to teach art journaling to local ladies, particularly as a form of art therapy. Aiming high with this one, but if your dreams aren’t scary, they’re jut not big enough, right?

What are your goals for 2014? I’d love to hear from you!

Happy arting!

Melita xo


4 thoughts on “Friday Five: Goals for 2014

  1. The difference between a goal and a dream is a timeline. All of the goals you listed are so obtainable…and doable …you should share this beautiful talent He has given you! My list at the first of the year can be daunting…like a move in check list! lol My “mantra” if you want to call it that is “D.O.N.E”. Dina Wakley stated in a video…Done is better than perfect”. To the procrastinator….(that would be me) I have always had issues with getting things done. I might have 10 things going at one time and only 2 out of the 10 get completed…why…trying to make things perfect…and art is not perfect. Far from it right? So this is what I am going to strive for…doing and getting done the fabulous, wonderful ideas in my head….and not striving for the perfection..if I can master even HALF of this …what an amazing journey 2014 will be., Half of the “done” word is do….hmmmm! :)

  2. I’m old enough that I’ve learned not to make too many goals for a coming year, it has never worked for me. My goal this year is to make more time for art, and try to do it every day. I met last year’s goal, which was to Simplify my life. Boy, did ‘stuff’ go flying out of my house, to chairites!!! This year, I’ll concentrate on my art. I’ve been selling my cards regularly for years, now I’d like to do some small collages on canvas. And even in my art, my goal is Simplify! I do NOT need every new product out there, and I do need to remove some of the things I don’t use much, or at all. Good luck with your 5 goals, wish me luck with my one and only! At 77, things go a bit more slowly, so you HAVE TO simplify a bit!!

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