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Project 365: Week One


This year, I’ve started a daily art journal project, in miniature. Too often I am swept up in the day to day stuff, and my art is the first thing that falls by the way side. So this year I am committing to the daily practice of art. I stumbled across this fab project on Creativity in Motion, and thought I would give it a try myself.

I’m using defunct business cards as my base for each card. It seems like a nice, manageable size, so surely I can do just one card a day…right? Hehehe Here’s hoping!

Melita Bloomer - 365-Cover

Melita Bloomer - 365-Jan1

Melita Bloomer - 365-Jan2

Melita Bloomer - 365-Jan3

Melita Bloomer - 365-Jan4

Melita Bloomer - 365-Jan5

Have you started any fun new projects this year? Or do you have tips to keep me on track with mine? Lol I somehow think I’m going to need all the help I can get!

Happy arting!

Melita xo


7 thoughts on “Project 365: Week One

  1. That’s a fab idea! Looking good so far! I have to say though that I find for me it’s best to do art whenever I’m in the mood rather than every day. But I often find I want to do it everyday because I have no set schedule at the moment.

  2. Love your cards so far! What a great idea to use business cards too. They are just the right size to not get overwhelmed by them. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Hi Melita. Your altered business cards look great – what a fab idea. I came across Gretchen’s site just yesterday and decided to do her 365 challenge on 2 x 4 inch tags so it was good to see your art pop up in my Pinterest account. I really hope you manage to keep up (or catch up whatever) because I would be very interested in tracking these as you go on and look forward to see them. You are so inspirational.

  4. Simply a GREAT idea :) thanks for being an inspiration!!! It could also work as a 52 week project as well but I think daily is the way to go…atta girl!

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