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Art Journal Share: Some Feel The Rain

When I’m working in my journal, I try to let go, and just play, letting my heart spill out onto the page, and seeing what results. But, more often than I’d like, I hear that voice in the back of my head, telling me ‘That’s not good enough to share. Paint over it. Scrap it. Start again.’ I can’t be alone in this, right?

Do you find yourself creating for the purpose of sharing? Editing your work so that it’s ‘good enough’ to post on your blog, or share on social media? I’d like to say I don’t, but sometimes I feel a little internal pressure to make it ‘worthy.’ Because of that, most of what I create never sees the light of day. I’m so incredibly self critical that at times it is stifling, and puts up a real road block to creativity. But I want to get out of that habit. I NEED to get out of that habit. So here goes nothing!

Melita Bloomer - Rain

Today I’m sharing an art journal spread that I LOVED creating, but that I don’t think is particularly good, not ‘worthy’ of sharing. When I look at it now, I see a hot mess – random stencilling, horrid colours, not much makes sense. But when I was in that moment, bringing this page to life, it made all the sense in the world. It represents the moment in which it was created. Life isn’t clean cut, pretty and perfect, and neither should art be.

Melita Bloomer - Rain - detail2

Melita Bloomer - Rain - detail1

I have a challenge for you today. No, not a challenge – a dare! I DARE YOU to post something you don’t consider to be your best work. Maybe you don’t like the colours, or maybe you smudged some stamping, or hate the look of your handwriting. Whatever the reason, I want you to post it anyway. And I’d love for you to link me to it!

I’ve rambled enough for now, best I be on my way. Happy arting!

Melita xo


7 thoughts on “Art Journal Share: Some Feel The Rain

  1. Yay for you, for having the courage to post work that don’t consider to be your best work. I love it. Your page, and your courage. I am so much like you, I could have written that blog post, but I do try to push myself to post some stuff that I don’t like, or consider to be my best. You have inspired me to post EVERYTHING! Thank you.

    1. As it should be Nancy! I love your latest painting of the girl and woman, it’s fab! Tried to leave a comment, but blogger is not my friend today lol

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