Art Journal

Happy Mess

This is one of my favourite pages of late, and it is truly a happy mess.

I use sheets of blank newsprint to protect my work table, and catch all that extra paint and spray. I usually cut them up and collage into my journal, but this particular piece just made me so happy that I glued it into my journal, just as it is. All I added was a date stamp!

Melita Bloomer - Happy Mess

Melita Bloomer - Happy Mess 2

Melita Bloomer - Happy Mess 3

No list of materials today, as I wouldn’t have a clue lol Just a bunch of artsy goodness!

Happy arting!

Melita xo


4 thoughts on “Happy Mess

  1. Love your work! I’m happy to follow you to wordpress! BTW, I had a beloved aunt whose name was Melitta….we called her Aunt Mitzi. So whenever I see your name, it reminds me of her!

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