Change the stigma

So, you all know I generally keep things pretty light around here, just artsy, everyday stuff. But today, I have something a little more important to share. I’d like to share this video with you all, and I really hope you’ll take a minute to watch, and perhaps pass it on.

Here in Australia, I’m told the ratio is actually greater, with 1 in FIVE adults suffering from mental illness in any given year, and almost half will struggle with it at some point. I myself suffer from mental illness, and am all too aware the stigma that is attached to those two words. Please, take the time to watch and share

Lita xo


3 thoughts on “Change the stigma

  1. Lita- I am so glad you posted this. I live with mental illness. My outside the lines blog addresses my everyday struggles. The more people talk about mental illness the less scary it will be to those who don't understand

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Lita! I, too, deal with often debilitating mental illness (PTSD and bipolar II), and it is sadly true that stigma (and how it plays out in daily interactions) of such disability continues to loom large.

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