Inspired Deck Swap

I stumbled across this post yesterday, over on In Search Of Dessert, and was immediately hooked, and bummed that I’d missed my chance to join in. The general idea – paint/decorate a deck of playing cards, and finish each off with an inspiring quote. They are then sent to Jessica, who divides them all up into mixed decks, and each participant receives one in return. Can you say cool?? The pic below is a deck Jessica has created.


Image source: In Search Of Dessert

I decided to take a chance and email Jessica and hope for the best. So I was super excited this morning, to wake to find that Jessica had emailed ME in the meantime, asking if I’d like to join in! I’m now in the gesso stage, and then I plan on diving in with paint, papers, stitching – anything that makes me happy! Once I’ve got something other than gesso on my cards, I’ll post a little pic to show you all my progress.

If you’re interested in taking part, there may still be room if you can create in a hurry. Be sure to email Jessica at jessica.brogan(at) for more info – and tell her Lita sent you!

Have you taken part in any craftsy swaps lately? I’d love to hear about them!

Lita xo


2 thoughts on “Inspired Deck Swap

  1. So glad you got in sweetie :) I've done similar swaps in the past and it's so lovely having these little cards sitting on my desk. I made a special holder for them and like to flick through them from time to time – it cheers me up :)

  2. Oh my what a totally awesome idea!!! Shoot!! I wish I could create quickly, but with boy'o home with a rotten cough I have no chance. Can't wait to see your creations xxx

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