What’s on your workdesk?

Ok, so I kinda failed on the regular WOYWW posts, but I’m jumping back in this week. Except….I’m not at my desk lol My kids are home sick today, so instead of working at my desk I’m playing on the couch with my little travel art kit. Here’s a little look at my couch ‘workspace’ and one of my many current projects.


Head on over to Julia’s blog to find out what “What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday” is all about.

Happy crafting!

Lita xo

NOTE: I am trying to leave love on all your amazing posts, but am having trouble with those that have the comments box embedded at the bottom of the post. Rest assured that I am reading and ogling all the crafty goodness – and commented when I can!


29 thoughts on “What’s on your workdesk?

  1. Oh how on earth do you manage to craft on the couch? Lots of goodies on there anyway and that little book looks interesting. Thanks so much for sharing – Hugs, Neet #5

  2. Im one of those crafters that needs my desk and items around me .could never dream of crafting on couch or floor..lol
    Hope kids are feeling better soon
    hugs have fab creative week ahead

  3. Love the idea of a small travel craft kit! Couch crafting is my favorite. I do have the table, but love to watch TV and craft so you ay catch me there with all my colors etc. beside me. I have read on these blogs many times of the people who do the same. #92

  4. Sorry about the sick kids! Good to see that you can still be crafty… even if it is at the couch! Your project is looking really cool! Thanks for sharing your Wednesday with us! -Amanda

  5. Hope your kidies are better by now- hope you got something meaningful done on your sofa while they were there- do they sleep when they're ill?

    Your travel art kit is looking full to bursting… I save all my bits – but not all in the same place LOL!!!

    Thanks for letting us look at your sofa full of stuff…

    Paula x x x

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