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Video: Behind the Art – Play

It’s no secret that I love to watch artsy videos. It can be so inspiring to see how others work, their techniques and process. After thinking on it for awhile, I finally decided to give it a go myself. So I hit record today whilst I created the page below.


I should warn that it’s not a high quality video – just a simple recording via webcam, so don’t expect any fancy oscar worthy footage. I‘m excited yet nervous to share it with you all, so be gentle, k?  hehe

My apologies if the music is cruddy – I’m trying to change it and not having a lot of luck!




Well, hopefully you enjoyed the video and have maybe even been inspired to create something! I’m off now to watch trashy tv with my man.

Happy crafting!

Lita xo


8 thoughts on “Video: Behind the Art – Play

  1. WOW your hands move fast Lita!!

    This was SO COOL to actually see you making this. It's beautiful and looks fun to do and messy and just something to totally make your own – love this!

    I might have to try this now that I know the secret. Thanks for posting!


  2. That is BEAUTIFUL! and it's funny because it looked cool in the video I stumbled on, but when I followed the link over to your blog, the picture of it is much more colorful and detailed. I love it! And I agree, it's very inspiring to watch someone else's creative process!

  3. That was awesome! There is something primal and satisfying about getting your hands dirty. I love the process of how you made it, I could hear your mind ticking over! Please do more!!!!

  4. Lita, that turned out beautifully and I loved watching the process. Very inspiring – and it makes me think we really need to catch up!!!

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