She Had Three Hearts

I recently discovered the amazing Christy Tomlinson  after a friend of mine took one of her online workshops, ‘She Art’. All I can say is wow! Her art is pretty awesome and such an inspiration. So upon seeing she has a new workshop coming soon, I want in!

an old Chinese Proverb reads,
” a woman has three hearts… one she shares with the world… one she shares family..  and one she shares only with herself “

shehas3hearts Image Source: Christy Tomlinson

The class is called ‘She Had Three Hearts’ and is designed to help you explore your hearts through creativity. That’s a very simplistic explanation, so be sure to click the above pic to get the full rundown. It sounds absolutely wonderful to me and I want in! I have no clue whatsoever how I will raise the tuition fee, but I am determined to join this class LOL I would also love to take the She Art workshop too – I love the creations I have seen.

So tell me, are you taking this workshop, or any like it? I would love to hear all about it if you are – inspire me!

Happy crafting!

Lita xo


3 thoughts on “She Had Three Hearts

  1. Lita – I promise you, if you can do it, you will LOVE it!!! I took the SheArt class, and learned so much! I didn't have a lot of time, but just started my first girl yesterday. Christy is a fabulous teacher (did you know she is the sister of beloved digi designer Leora Sanford?) And she is so REAL! I totally encourage you to take a class from her. I'm trying to find the funds to do this one too. ((hugs))

  2. Thanks for your input Rebecca :) I ABSOLUTELY want in, so I just need to find a way lol Fingers crossed I get a ton of mojo for new goodies for the Etsy store!

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