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As you know, I have been obsessing over the genius that is Donna Downey. I recently ordered my very own Inspiration Journal as a gift from the luvverly Jaimie – besties rock! While waiting for it to arrive, I decided to play around with some of Donna’s techniques, and ended up with the little piece below.

MB-PeachArt1 MB-PeachArt2MB-PeachArt3 
I hated it while I was playing, it looks nothing like what I had in mind, but in the end, I think I love it! It has about a million layers to it, and my desk looks like a total write off, but it’s totally making me happy! Love it!

Happy crafting!

Lita xo

PS – My journal arrived today!! Woot! Betcha can’t guess what I’ll be doing tonight :P


5 thoughts on “Discover & create

  1. dont you just love it when things come together in the end. often i have the same trouble,projects not what i envision, that is. but as you push forward, the end result works!

    thanks for linking with paper issues.

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