A few of my favourite things…

For awhile now, I’ve been wanting to create what I call a messy album. Essentially, it is an album/diary etc in which the pages are made of random materials – papers that take your fancy, cardboard, fabric. Whatever you want – the only limit is your imagination! You can see some great examples here, and here.
Well, I finally settled on a theme and got to work. So far I only have my cover finished, and you wouldn’t believe how long that took! I also have some of my pages cut to size and ready to be attacked with ink, ribbon and other goodies.
Now, fair warning, the cover is rather full on. My 7yo so tactfully asked me, ‘Don’t you think that’s a bit much mum?’ After I stopped laughing, I had to agree. It’s bright, it’s random and a hodge podge of goodies. But that’s me, it represents my tastes and interests rather well! I’m using as much upcycled goodies as possible, so I’m bound to continue this random theme lol For example – the doilie used is from a thrift store, the ‘belt’ holding it shut is from an old pair of children’s jeans (it’s the elastic from inside used to adjust the sizing!), the t is covered in denim from the same jeans, the v is old sewing patterns, the u is vintage sheet music and the buttons are more thrift store finds!
MB-FTCover1 MB-FTCover2 MB-FTCover3
I hope to get some work done on the pages for this tonight, including a corny little poem I’ve written for it lol Will update with new pictures soon!

Lita xo


11 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things…

  1. Seriously Lita??!! This is sooooo……oh my gawsh….amazing! I love this stuff! Really, this has got to be one of the coolest crafty things that I've seen in a while! And the fact that you made it with just bits and bobs from around the house–WOW! I'm totally jealous that I could never make anything this cool ha ha. Well, I am officially following this project because now maybe I will at least try lol. Can't wait to see what you make for pages!

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