Art Journal Basics & Beyond – Pens

I recently realised the one of my AJBB posts never actually went live. Ah, ain’t technology grand? Anyway, here it is for you now, better late than never. Right?


I’m here today to share some of my favourite pens and pencils for use in my art journal. As always, this is not a comprehensive list of whats on the market, but purely my go to goodies.


Colour – I am a huge fan of the Gelly Roll pens by Sakura. They come in a range of styles – Souffle, Original, Metallic, Glaze etc – but my faves by far are the Moonlight pens. The vibrant, opaque colours are uh-mazing.

Black – Finding the right black pen for art journaling can be a nightmare. Some skip, smudge and fade. I have tried many and my top pick, hands down, is the Pilot Permaball. It writes on just about any surface and is permanent when dry. Sadly, it is rare as hens teeth, so I’ve been searching for others to replace it. The Fudeball is good if you’re after a thicker line, while the Uniball Insight are a great thinner alternative.

White – When it comes to white pens, you cannot go past the Uniball Signo, or white Gelly Roll. Both write beautifully if you simply slow down a little, and regularly clean the tip.


Aside from the obvious HB, there are a few other pencils that I love to use. I adore the Stabilo ALL pencil – or what Dina Wakley refers to as the magic pencil. It’s a very soft waxy pencils that can be blended with your fingers much like an oil pastel, but it really comes to life when activated with water. It is delicious! I love my trusty Prismacolour watercolour pencil too, in black. To me, it is much like the Stabilo, but not quite as blendable.I also love using charcoal, both black and white, and recommend the Generals brand.


Of course, I couldn’t do a pen post without including my favourites – paint pens! My favourites by far, are the Sharpie water based pens, but Posca & Montana are close behind. I was recently introduced to the Sakura Permapaque pens courtesy of Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, and have fallen in love with them. They have dual tips and offer great opaque coverage, without the mess that sometimes comes with traditional paint pens.

So there you have it, a peek inside my pen stash. If you havent tried any of these, I suggest you do. Heck, I will even give you permission to run out now and splurge ;)  Have you got a favourite that I havent listed? I would love to hear about it!

Happy arting!




Pages in Stages

While I love making pretty art journal pages, purely for the sake of creating, I also love working in my junque journal. While my more traditional art journal pages are usually completed in one sitting, JJ pages are built in stages, over a number of days. My junque journal is my diary, catching my thoughts, feelings, and dreams. As a result, it changes as the days pass. I thought I would share a peek at the stages of a recent page.


As you can see, layers are built, areas embellished, and journaling added, until the page feels complete. I love this form of creating and diary keeping. My junque journal is my therapist, my safe place, and a great friend. I hope you are lucky enough to have such a wonderful outlet!

Happy arting!


Art Journal – Flow

It has been so long since I shared an art journal spread that I thought it about time I dust off the old blog and dive back in.

This spread features some of my favourite products and techniques – acrylic paints, modelling paste, stencils and stamps. What more could a girl want?




I love the look of this page. The way the paint catches around the modelling paste just makes my grungey heart happy! What creations are making you happy today?

Happy arting!



Tiny little details

I recently shared a video showing a bit of detail work in my art journal. I had quite a few people ask me about the tool I was using, so I wanted to pop on over and share some info.

Tiny little details make me happy. Therapeutic, relaxing, and just plain fun

A video posted by Melita (@melitabloomer) on May 28, 2016 at 8:45pm PDT


I used a FineLine Applicator – my favourite detail toy. It is a small refillable bottle with a needle tip, allowing you to create fun detail in your work. The best thing though? This bottle will.not.clog. As you can see in the picture below, the lid contains a fine needle that is inserted into the applicator tip when replacing the lid. This pushes all the paint/ink back into the bottle, leaving nothing behind to dry up and clog the tip. Genius!


Take a peek at the finished journal page where I went wild for teeny dots!


I hope you will give this little beauty a try. Its so much fun, but dont stop at dots – the possibilities are endless. In fact I think Ill go play with mine now!

Happy arting!

Melbourne Street Art – Hosier Lane

I took a trip into the city recently, so I could finally check out the famous street art on offer in Melbourne’s Hosier Lane. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

The minute you enter the laneway you are hit by a wall of colour, quite literally. The walls are jam packed with a vibrant, eclectic mix of art that just draws you in. I could easily have spent hours looking & still not have taken it all in.

If you are ever in Melbourne, head on down to Hosier Lane and see it for yourself. Street art is ever evolving, so I will definitely be back for another visit again soon. ALready looking forward to it!

Happy arting :)

Facing Facts with Dina Wakley

Late last year I attended one of Dina Wakley’s classes when she taught here in Oz and had so much fun. Dina is a blast, and Ive been a fan of her style for such a long time now, so meeting her was fantastic.

I had a great time learning Dina’s distinctive face style, though it was certainly a learning curve. I’m still finding my feet with it all, but I feel like I can finally draw a decent face! Dina is teaching here in Oz again in just a few months time and I hope to attend at least one of her classses.

There’s nothing quite like taking a class in person as opposed to online. I come away from them feeling so inspired and rejuvenated. I love it!

Happy arting!

Visit me at Picture to Page Papercraft Show

I’m thrilled to be attending the Picture to Page paper craft show this weekend, on behalf of Kazmos Kreations. These shows are a great way to learn about new techniques, new products, and to spend time with like minded craft junkies. 

I will be demonstrating some of my favourite art journal tips and tricks Saturday afternoon, so drop by and say hello!

Happy arting!

Go Big or Go Home

I recently escaped to Byron Bay for a week, an attended an art class with the fabulous Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, hosted by Jane Davenport at The Nest, Jane’s amazing home in Byron Bay. I had been counting down the days til this class and let me tell you, I was not disappointed!

Julie invited me to lunch on the Friday before class and it was wonderful to get to know her (though I feel like I already knew her thanks to my stalker tendencies lol). We had some seriously delicious food and great conversation. Certainly a highlight of my week away.

As I said earlier, the class was held at The Nest, Jane Davenport’s home. It was such a lovely place to create, out on the deck, and we were spoiled rotten with lush meals and the best coffee I have ever tasted. We were also lucky enough to get a peek inside Jane’s personal studio. Holy amazeballs.

Class was just flat out amazing. I’ve taken many of Julie’s online classes, but to learn from her in person was a whole new experience and I loved every minute of it. Julie is hilarious, incredibly kind, and such a generous soul. She took the time to answer every question, shared her immense knowledge, and made us all laugh. She was sweet enough to sketch one of her signature faces in my journal, and even doodled on a mug I had bought as a souvenir! Can you say fangirl moment??

All in all, I cannot say enough good things about the experience. From Julie’s awesome class, to Jane & Gus and their wonderful hospitality – I loved and appreciated it all.

Have you attended any in person classes? Were you as blown away as I was? Id love to hear about it.

Happy arting!

Insta Art

I have been awfully quiet around here, but I’m happy to say I have lots in the works, and plenty of art and fun pics to share with you all. While I work on kick starting this poor little blog, why not join me over on Instagram? I love sharing snaps of my artful life and let me tell you, my feed has been packed full of colour and fun lately. Pop over and say hello!

I will be back on Wednesday with a look at a fab class I recently attended with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer at Byron Bay.

Until then, happy arting!


Art With Me!

~MAY 2016 Update – Please Note – I am not currently offering any classes. Stay tuned for updates~

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching over the last few months, and am happy to announce that another term of classes is now listed and ready for bookings! I teach via Kazmos Kreations, & all class bookings are done via the KK website.


Take a look at the art journal pages I will be teaching this term:




I have a new round of stamp carving classes launching too, with brand new designs. So, even if you have joined us previously, come along again for some fun new stamps to create.
Here is a peek at some of my previous students creations:


Be sure to head on over & check out the fun classes on offer – I look forward to seeing you there!

Happy arting!

Melita x